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Acworth Equities

Welcome to Acworth Equities!

Acworth Equities Community: Your Gateway to Serene Living, Outdoor Adventures, and Flexible Housing Options! Nestled in the heart of South Bartow County, our unique property offers convenient access to Interstate 75, Red Top Mountain State Park, and Allatoona Lake. Emphasizing family values and a tranquil atmosphere, our lush community provides a range of housing options, including single-family homes, manufactured homes, full-time RV residences, and even land rentals for mobile homes and RVs. Enjoy the beauty of nature with ample green spaces, perfect for family picnics and outdoor activities, while also benefiting from access to the adjacent Bartow County Community Center, complete with a playground, community garden, and engaging programs for children. We prioritize long-term tenant satisfaction and maintain a zero tolerance drug policy, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment. Join us today and discover a home where happiness thrives, flexible housing options abound, and memorable experiences await!

Every Comfort Considered

Smart space is designed for the way you live.
That means providing an extraordinary level of privacy, security and serenity.

Escape to a tranquil retreat with our exclusive trailer rentals, providing a cozy and adventurous getaway amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Discover a leasing experience like no other with our property rentals, where our dedicated team is committed to finding you the perfect home that suits your needs and preferences.


As you stroll through the winding paths that connect the homes, you'll notice a mix of beautifully designed rental houses and cozy trailer homes, each one reflecting the unique tastes and personalities of their inhabitants. The community is a harmonious blend of permanence and mobility, with some residents opting for the stability of long-term rentals while others embrace the freedom and flexibility of trailer living.

At the heart of it all

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Great Dining

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Close to the mall and everything else!

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